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Here are all the episodes we've done, so you can easily check for your favorite, or most traumatic childhood movie! Each link takes you to our Substack post with show notes with pictures and relevant links, and the embedded audio episode. To get these as they drop, sign up for our newsletter!


The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine: To start off the new year, Julia brought a movie they had on VHS as a kid! This is not a theatrical release, but one of two tv specials that went direct to video before the first Care Bears feature film was released. 
  • After These Messages: Care Bears: We watched some Care Bears commercials for dolls and play sets, which led us to Castle Grayskull and The My Little Pony Dream Castle. Also, we talked about Care Bear reproduction a bunch... 
Bedknobs and Broomsticks with Matt: Matt from the Spectology Podcast joins us to discuss one of his childhood faves.
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town with Fouhy: One of Geoffrey's improv group members comes to talk about a special he loved as a kid. 
Pecos Bill with Dr. Skylaser: For our paid subscribers! Friend of the pod, Dr. Skylaser, brings us something she had memorized at one point in her childhood. It's narrated by Robin Williams, but the WTF quotient on the discoveries in this one is way bigger than that!
  • After These Messages: Rabbit Ears and IRN-BRU: For our paid subscribers! Dr. Skylaser is back, and she's joined by Mr. Skylaser for this discussion of a WILD Rabbit Ears productions trailer, plus some bonus IRN-BRU content. 
Batteries Not Included with Anna Waldron: Anna from Adapted with Anna and Sam brings us one of the movies she liked a lot as a kid, but stopped watching before adulthood (and... we think we figure out why...), Batteries Not Included! Come for the alien cheeseburgers, stay for the relentless trauma!

The Incredible Mr. Limpet (the whole movie, not just a clip): For our paid subscribers! We just had to watch the entire movie, and OMG that clip we watched with Matt really did not prepare us at all for what we ended up seeing!

  • After These Messages: Charlie Tuna: Our February paid subscribers bonus episode! Obviously one animated talking fish deserves another, right? We took a deep dive (yes, we went there) into the Tunaverse.
The Last Starfighter with John Serpico: Boston improviser, John Serpico joins us to talk about a blast from his past. He starts out hating it, but by the end, we talk him around into appreciating it again.
  • After These Messages: Hershey's Kisses with John Serpico: We discovered that one of the aliens in The Last Stafighter was also the voice of Hershey's Kisses, so of course our mission was clear! John made this one extra sweet by bringing us sticky buns from Boston's celebrated bakery, Flour. What a mensch!
All Dogs Go to Heaven with Britt Mitchell: Britt Mitchell of The Shestory Show brought us one of her childhood faves, which is comprised of basically just unrelenting darkness! Kidnapping! Murder! Betrayal! Crime syndicates! But Britt still totally wants to eat all of the food in this one. 
The Adventures of Mark Twain with Kate Hardly: Geoffrey's Junebug castmate joins us to face existential dread and terror, and also the wonders of Claymation! It's for kids! Right???
Drop Dead Fred with Joe Szaf: Imaginary friends are fun and harmless. Right??? 
  • After These Messages: Federated with Joe Szaf: We checked out some 80s car commercials and then took a look at an electronics chain Geoffrey and Julia remember from their childhood, Federated (featuring spokesperson Fred Rated, so there's a Fred connection, see?). 
The First Few Episodes of The Simpsons: We needed comfort, so we went back to something we were both excited about as kids!
1980s Soviet TV with Vlad Barash: We did this set backwards because we thought it would be good to set up the context in which our feature presentation appears. This is a wild journey! Awkward staring! Gorbachev and pizza!

The Soviet Russian 1985 Hobbit Movie with Vlad Barash: Vlad comes back to talk to us about severe anti-grocer bias, among other things.

Special Episode! Bracket Match!: For our paid subscribers only, this is a March Madness style bracket of all the movies we have watched so far. Surprising upsets, ahoy! 


The Shadowman: Our first episode. Geoffrey and Julia discuss one segment of a 1986 Twilight Zone episode.

Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure with Christa Carmen: Our first guest is horror author Christa Carmen, who chose this terror that helped shape her childhood.
Poltergeist II: The Other Side with Diana Lu: Comedian Diana Lu joins us to talk about a movie she found traumatic as a kid.
The Peanut Butter Solution with Tori Tyrrell: Julia and Geoffrey invite their longtime friend Tori to talk about the movie that inspired this podcast int he first place. It's super weird!
The Richest Cat in the World: Our first paid subscribers episode has Geoffrey digging into his childhood faves with this Disney Sunday Night Movie from the 80s. 
  • After These Messages: The McDLT: In our first paid subscribers only bonus episode we watch some of the commercials that aired during this movie's original broadcast. 
The Chipmunk Adventure with Dan Seitz: Co-host of the Marvel's Flying Monkeys podcast Dan Seitz joined us to be horrified by a movie he loved as a kid. 
Garfield's Thanksgiving: Geoffrey and Julia both loved Garfield as kids, but this... is horrendous. Come listen to our trauma!
The Princess and the Goblin with Max Kreisky: Max Kreisky of Anachronismo! and True Tales of the Illuminati joins us to talk about a movie he loved as a child. 
  • After These Messages: Video Stores: Max joins us again to talk about commercials for one of his favorite places to go as a kid: the video store! We also explore some of the musical career of Sally Ann Marsh, who played Princess Irene in The Princess and the Goblin. 
The Flight of the Navigator with Amma Marfo: Comedian Amma Marfo joins us to talk about a movie that traumatized her when she saw it at daycare as a kid. Geoffrey and Julia also had strong memories associated with this one, but all of our memories focused on different things!
  • After These Messages: Florida: Amma comes back to talk all things Florida with us! We watch some commercials for local attractions and Disney World, especially Alien Encounter, an attraction Amma was too scared to go on for years. 
Troll 2 with Katy: Friend of the pod Katy joins us to talk about a movie she somehow saw as a child. This one is WILD, and we all loved it, even though it is also terrible and definitely not something we'd show to a child. We also talk about the documentary Best Worst Movie, which is about the making of Troll 2. 
One Magic Christmas: Just in time for Christmas 2019, Julia pulls out a movie from the 80s that left lasting traumatic memories! 
  • After These Messages: Ramada Inn and Folgers: Because the main character in One Magic Christmas grew up at a Ramada Inn, we obviously had to watch commercials for that. Then we watched general Christmas commercials, including the infamous Folgers brother/sister one.
Mr. Boogedy: For our paid subscribers we took the #BoogedyChallenge and watched Mr. Boogedy on Disney+. Geoffrey watched this one a ton as a kid, but Julia only saw it once in school and found it scary. 
  • After These Messages: ALF and D' Lil: Since the two brothers in Mr. Boogedy were the kid in ALF and David Faustino who had a brief rap career as D' Lil, we definitely owed it to our paid subscribers to check out ALF commercials and D' Lil's rap stylings. And boy, wow. The things we found!